Thursday, January 10, 2013

Les Miserables

Tuesday night was a date night for me and boyfie, after work we had dinner at this Korean place that I really like, called Cafe C'ya. It's down an alleyway just off George St across from Event Cinemas. It's actually really popular and come dinner time there can be quite a queue, but because it was only about 5:30 we were the only customers they had.

We had pre-booked our tickets online for Event(their app is amazing plus you can pay via paypal, no need to whip out your credit card anymore to check the numbers) then whizzed through to the front of the queue and picked up the tickets. The queue was terrible as it was cheap Tuesday and the weather had gone over 40 degrees in the day - so obviously people wanted to hide out in the movies for awhile. Got into the cinema, it was a small one and we had side seats, I found that the side seats weren't angled so i had to kind of angle myself to the right to watch the movie properly, if that even makes sense. Whereas at Hoyts it's fine and I don't have to do that. Also, the air conditioning in that particular cinema was not working and heaps of people were fanning themselves with whatever they had. A couple of people even left, though I was quite comfortable in my breezy sundress.

Anyway, the movie itself was excellent and maybe that is the reason why I didn't feel the heat, I was really into it. I've seen some reviews where they say the movie they just sing the whole time. Well, what do you fucking expect from a musical???

I've seen the play as a child, my mother dragged me to it, she really liked dragging me to ballets and theatrical shows. I can say that this movie was wonderful and really lived up to what should be Les Miserables. I kept thinking to myself, it must be difficult to sing and cry and show that much emotion and just basically singing your heart out. So incredible.

What I also really loved was Cosette's giant puffy wedding dress. Makes me want one just like that. Though then again I love all the clothes in period pieces, hence I can't wait for Anna Karenina to be released.

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