Saturday, August 31, 2013

Koh Samui Arrival

Finally we're up to the stage where I've left Bangkok and hit the beach in Koh Samui.

Our group stayed at Samui Beach Village in a beach front villa on Laem Set. It's pretty but if you want surf then it is not the beach for you. We mostly lounged in our villa and read our various books poolside.

Of course this is the first thing I do:

koh samui laem set

NLP ATG bikini

NLP zip up blue

NLP zip up

Bikini: NLP Women

Friday, August 30, 2013

Inspo Friday is back

Now that I'm back in the swing of things - albeit ridiculously busy with everything i.e: work / finding a house / attempting to blog etc, I'm gonna try and balance it all so everything still runs along smoothly.
So Inspo Friday is back on and so many new pretty things and pictures out there to inspire. Enjoy and have a really really fab weekend.

Alexander Wang Diego Fall 2013 irridescent

Cara Delevingne Industrie Magazine

T by Alexander Wang Fall 2013

T by Alexander Wang Fall 2013

Cameo Broken Flowers

For Love & Lemons Fall 2013

Isabel Marant Resort 2014

Isabel Marant Resort 2013

Repossi floating diamonds

Repossi floating diamonds

Images from:
Alexander Wang
Oracle Fox
T by Alexander Wang
For Love & Lemons
Vogue - Isabel Marant Lookbook
Vogue - Repossi

Thursday, August 29, 2013


T'was a very hot day when the whole gang got together to go to the Grand Palace in Bangkok. The place was swarming with tourists, like literal swarming. Chinese people yelling over at each other and their tour leaders yelling even louder. It was an eventful day and one of the few real touristy things during our time in Bangkok.

The place was magnificent but in the humidity and heat, it took away from it somewhat.

bangkok grand palace

bangkok grand palace

bangkok grand palace

bangkok grand palace

As we were leaving, a tropical storm started, and we were caught in it for an hour or more for the journey back to the hotel, in two separate tuk tuks.

My best tip is to bring something appropriate that covers your legs, if not you will be forced to buy what I've termed "temple pants" loose fitting things with crazy colours and patterns. Although it appears some tourists really love theirs, wearing it to the airport and out shopping.

Sunnies: House of Harlow 1960
Top: Sportsgirl
Pants: H&M
Sandals: Aldo
Watch: Michael Kors

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

KW Cuties

I think this is even better than her previous campaign - full of cute kids!

karen walker second summer

karen walker second summer

karen walker second summer

karen walker second summer

karen walker second summer

karen walker second summer

Thailand Retrospect 2

Hi guys, more pics poolside at Siam Kempinski in my beloved Bec and Bridge - may it rest in peace.

I "accidentally" threw it in the washing machine and the colours started bleeding.

bec & bridge palacio dress

bec & bridge palacio dress

bec & bridge palacio dress

topshop nimo sandals

topshop nimo sandals

Dress: Bec & Bridge
Shoes: Topshop

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thailand Retrospect 1

I'm gonna try and do this in order guys, photos from my trip in Thailand.

First up was Bangkok. We stayed at Siam Kempinski which is quite a recent development (or so my taxi driver told me) and it is absolutely beautiful and very convenient for shopping at Siam Paragon which is literally across one teeny road.

Poolside there are lots of couches and places to sit, the garden is also manicured to perfection.

Minkpink leather shorts

sportsgirl grey marle tee

aldo leather harness sandals

This tee was a godsend, I didn't bring many casual clothes so I had to wear this a few times (I laundered it of course)

Top: Sportsgirl.
Shorts: MinkPink
Sandals: Aldo

Monday, August 26, 2013


It's been about three weeks guys, sorry I've been MIA. Came back to work and absolutely flooded. Situation remains the same.

ASOS leather shorts

Acne star boots

Last weekend searching for houses, came across one where the exterior was beautiful just like a manor, but the insides were less to be desired.

Sweater: Sportsgirl. Other colours here
Leather Shorts: ASOS
Boots: Acne
Bag: Celine Trio

Friday, August 2, 2013

Last Day

zara fall 2013 campaign

Style Heroine

black vest

Andreea Diaconu

Valentino sunglasses

Chanel Bomber

varsity jacket

Luv AJ shark 2013

Lovers and Friends Revolve

tiger bomber supermuse

Hey Guys, Friday is finally here and it's my last day before my holidays so expect pretty much nothing for two weeks while I laze about on the beach and work on my tan.

Pics from:
Style Heroine
Luv AJ
Fashion Gone Rogue
Others via Pinterest

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hi Guys,

Sorry for the lack of content lately, I was quite sick over the weekend and was too miserable to take any photos. I feel much better now, but I think I've passed the baton to Nick. Oops.

Anyway, last week my work also had our offsite and we went trapezing and archery. Something different. We do this annually, and it's always fun. Last year we flew to Melbourne to go horseback riding and visit some wineries upon horseback. I guess the police can't charge you if you're not technically driving drunk.




I really wanted to be like Katniss Everdeen, but to be honest, I was quite bad at archery. Haha just not my forte I guess.