Saturday, October 27, 2012


A day out in the sun today. Weather was a bit too chilly for the beach this weekend I think.

Cotton On Singlet, similar here
Forever 21 skirt, similar here
Betts boots, similar here
ASOS bag.


A night out at Kings Cross for drinks with my boo.

We went to the Victoria Room at Darlinghurst, one of my favourite cocktail bars because of it's plush surroundings. They also won TimeOut's bar of the year last year and as I was speaking to the bartender he said he was also up for a rather embarrassing award this year. A little search on google says he was up for the "Hot Talent" award.

Let's just say I wouldn't say no to a guy who can make cocktails and hold a bit of banter.

Bardot Top
The Cat's Meow Necklace

Had to put the credit card down for my drink cuz it comes in this collectible Tiki mug. Quite the impressive drink, it was on fire and everything. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tight Pants

So obsessed with getting a pair of faux leather pants / leggings / jeggings / treggings of late. I didn't even mind what sort of pants as long as they fitted and sort of looked leathery. Obviously can't afford the real leather pants they cost upwards of $500 and I can't justify wearing them that much, seeing as they are most likely inappropriate for work. I push the boundaries with my outfits but I can't push it that much.

Finally yesterday I found my perfect pair of (let's call them) pants that had that leather look and actually fit my massive calves (literally, this isn't a joke or self deprecating humour, I actually do have big calves).

My journey has been long and arduous - with pants. I tried at least 3 pairs at Topshop that didn't fit right and others along the way but finally I found ones that do.

I was tossing up between two pairs from General Pants as below:

On the left: Alice in the Eve
On the right: Subtitled Catwoman Pants.

Both fitted equally well but the only deciding factor that remained was that I wasn't so keen on the slanted stitching in the Alice in the Eve pants because it was a little bit restricting near the knee area.

Speaking to the SA, she said she had the same Subtitled pants but they stretched heaps so recommended me to go down a size, and so I did. First time ever buying something in a size 6.

They fit alright but they need to be worn a little bit to stretch. Probably the only other issue is that the stitching on these pants weren't great and for $79.95 probably was hoping for slightly better.

Well it's still not too late for me to buy another pair ;)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hi All,

Received my ASOS order the other day, and my quilted paisley dress was bootiful. I wore it the very next day.


I Also got this mint cutwork skirt but the zip was super faulty, it was doing that thing where it doesn't go up when it hits the seam of the skirt cuz it's a hidden zipper. To my mistake I forced it to go up and the zip split. Oh the horrors!!

Nick was there whilst I was stuck in my skirt and panicking slightly to be honest. Couldn't pull it up or down so eventually he had to cut me out of the skirt like a fat person.

It's a shame because the fabric was absolutely gorgeous. Nicole at GPV wore a yellow pencil skirt version of it.

One I bought:


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


November is fast approaching and the holiday season is almost upon us.

To celebrate pick up some new Chanel goodies from their holiday collection seen below. For full list hit up temptalia.

That gorgeous ruby coloured "malice" is perfecto for Chrismas.


Monday, October 15, 2012


The weekend was a rather lovely sunny affair. Spent the Saturday going out to the city and trying out a new cafe called the Central Baking Depot which had really good pies and baked goodies. Also a lil visit to Topshop but came out with nothing, as the lines for the fitting rooms were pretty cray and they didn't have the boots I wanted.

Zara Peplum sweater top
Bettina Liano jeans (old)
Alexander Wang bag
Tony Bianco booties
Swarovski pinky rings
Love Couture heart ring
Sportsgirl necklace (old)

Sunday was spent at Nick's parents' house making pizzas, having tea and watching the kookaburras come to the balcony for some mince.

Melbourne Part II

A couple more photos but that's pretty much it for Melbourne.

At the National Gallery Victoria. Sitting outside before it started to drizzle. Damned Melbourne weather.

Lunch at Cookie. Was really good, but ordered a ridiculous amount of food. Tried Pork neck and there was slabs and slabs of it. It was still tasty though.

Lots of gorgeous architecture in Melbourne and plenty of pretty townhouses there that don't look as slummy as they do in Sydney. Interesting fact:

In 1922 the grandson of Flinders, Sir Flinders Petrie, offered as an incentive, all of his grandfather's papers to the first State in Australia to erect a statue in Flinders' honor. Unfortunately for Melbourne it was Sydney who won the the race.

And a holiday is not a holiday without going to the Aquarium. For me anyway. The Melbourne aquarium was pretty much across the road from the hotel so it was very convenient. I call it my happy place, aquariums always have calming music and gorgeous fishies swimming around. The penguins are the best in this aquarium. They're currently molting but also nesting and that's why they've gathered pebbles and sat on them, to guard them against other penguins stealing them.

Of course I also wish every fish looked like they were smiling all the time like that last one.

Happy Monday everyone.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Melbourne Fun

Some random snaps of Melbourne last week.

On the way to Manchester Press.

At the Shrine of Remembrance.

At the Victoria Barracks.

Zara Blazer
Miss Shop dress (old)
Betts boots
Witchery scarf gifted
Louis Vuitton bag

Heading towards a really late dinner at Chin Chin.

Zara Blazer
Shirt old
Phoenix skirt bought from a boutique
RMK wedges
Louis Vuitton bag

Breakfast at Hardware Societe.

Melbourne was freezing. I didn't bring a jacket so seen here is my new blazer from Zara. Good thing I had the sense to bring tights. I also had to buy that scarf from Seed in the last photo.

There are more photos to come!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


ASOS Australia exclusive just launched yesterday I believe. I passed a poster while in Melbourne and got a bit too excited.

They are also holding pop up stores around Sydney.

My picks from the exclusives as below:

Currently no plans to open a brick and mortar store. Though I really wish they would.

Shop the collection here.

Friday, October 5, 2012


These are too gorgeous for words. If I had an awesome blonde mane it would look even better.

Mimi Holiday by Damaris get at Net-a-Porter


Waiting for Nick in front of Witchery for lunch when this happened.

Dancing girls in flashy knickers and feathers and beating drums.

They danced all the way down to Darling Harbour promoting a festival to be held there soon.

I admire their guts because they are basically wearing a thong, in the city, during lunch rush.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Sammy boy sleeping (and snoring) on the floor.

This is how he spend most of his days. Must be snuggly with all that fur.

The big T

Topshop finally opened its doors today. I walked down the street to see what the crowds were like and passed this girl with an enormous shopping bag (filled with awesome goodies I'm sure) and literally felt like I could mug her (just kidding).

Still I don't think its worth waiting in line for, so Imma save my money for Melbourne and check out the store there - I doubt the products will vary that much.

They're already in negosh for a second store in Melbourne hopefully another one for Sydney also to ease the crush.

Will try and take a proper camera to Melbourne to take some proper snaps.

In the meantime lets shop online!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Came across this bag whilst browsing. Lil stunner.

From Chanel's Cruise line 2013.


Feel free to call me behind the times because all you amazing sydneysider foodies have gotten your hands on one first but whatever. I finally got 2 boxes of Laduree macarons. Such a chance moment as I was out and about at Westfield getting some necessities and there was no queue (for once!).

A box of 15 ($55) containing one in each flavour for Nick's nanna's birthday as well as a small box of 8 ($29) for Nick and I to share at home.

This sure has picked up my Wednesday - happy hump day everyone.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I bought this aqua coloured dress prior to the long weekend and the nice sunny weather we had was just perfect to bring it out in the sun.

Dress: Attik Clothing