Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tight Pants

So obsessed with getting a pair of faux leather pants / leggings / jeggings / treggings of late. I didn't even mind what sort of pants as long as they fitted and sort of looked leathery. Obviously can't afford the real leather pants they cost upwards of $500 and I can't justify wearing them that much, seeing as they are most likely inappropriate for work. I push the boundaries with my outfits but I can't push it that much.

Finally yesterday I found my perfect pair of (let's call them) pants that had that leather look and actually fit my massive calves (literally, this isn't a joke or self deprecating humour, I actually do have big calves).

My journey has been long and arduous - with pants. I tried at least 3 pairs at Topshop that didn't fit right and others along the way but finally I found ones that do.

I was tossing up between two pairs from General Pants as below:

On the left: Alice in the Eve
On the right: Subtitled Catwoman Pants.

Both fitted equally well but the only deciding factor that remained was that I wasn't so keen on the slanted stitching in the Alice in the Eve pants because it was a little bit restricting near the knee area.

Speaking to the SA, she said she had the same Subtitled pants but they stretched heaps so recommended me to go down a size, and so I did. First time ever buying something in a size 6.

They fit alright but they need to be worn a little bit to stretch. Probably the only other issue is that the stitching on these pants weren't great and for $79.95 probably was hoping for slightly better.

Well it's still not too late for me to buy another pair ;)

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