Monday, October 15, 2012

Melbourne Part II

A couple more photos but that's pretty much it for Melbourne.

At the National Gallery Victoria. Sitting outside before it started to drizzle. Damned Melbourne weather.

Lunch at Cookie. Was really good, but ordered a ridiculous amount of food. Tried Pork neck and there was slabs and slabs of it. It was still tasty though.

Lots of gorgeous architecture in Melbourne and plenty of pretty townhouses there that don't look as slummy as they do in Sydney. Interesting fact:

In 1922 the grandson of Flinders, Sir Flinders Petrie, offered as an incentive, all of his grandfather's papers to the first State in Australia to erect a statue in Flinders' honor. Unfortunately for Melbourne it was Sydney who won the the race.

And a holiday is not a holiday without going to the Aquarium. For me anyway. The Melbourne aquarium was pretty much across the road from the hotel so it was very convenient. I call it my happy place, aquariums always have calming music and gorgeous fishies swimming around. The penguins are the best in this aquarium. They're currently molting but also nesting and that's why they've gathered pebbles and sat on them, to guard them against other penguins stealing them.

Of course I also wish every fish looked like they were smiling all the time like that last one.

Happy Monday everyone.

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