Friday, January 10, 2014

This Year

I want to achieve the following:

1. Keep a diary of all my non-necessary purchases (things that are not food, services, toiletry items).

2. Travel to somewhere new whether internationally or domestically.

3. Reach my goal weight and maintain it.

4. Add to my repertoire of recipes. Last night I made a bacon & brocolli casserole with cauliflower rice, enough for two nights and two people. Also made a beef & vegetable stir-fry with slendia noodles the other night. So I'm definitely getting into this cooking thing.

5. Give people genuine compliments.

6. Update my blog regularly, for others and for my own satisfaction.

7. Save for my next property.

8. Find a cute kitten / bunny to love me and be my new home buddy.

9. Not care so much about what other people think.

10. See more of my beautiful friends and family.


  1. Lovely goals and resolutions :) Happy new year <3

  2. Yes!!!:) Happy new year:) Today on my blog the panther coat: ) Photos were taken at dark and light moods sun. I hope you like this style of photography? I invite and I greet: )

  3. So cute :$
    Kisses <3

  4. 1. Such a great idea! I have a list, but the problem is, it's not actually stopping those purchases, just making me feel bad (e_e) 2. I'm going on my first family holiday as an adult in July ^_^ Holidays are cool because they're a. a break and b. something to look forward to! 3. You have more will power than me. That's all I'm saying! >.< 4. That's really cool. Stir fry sounds delicious. 5. Agreed. I need to remember to do that MORE. 6. Uhhhh *scratches head embarrassedly* yeahhh. That's one of my goals (that I'm already failing)! But YOU are doing pretty well!! Your blog archive here --->
    tells the whole story! :) 7. Wow. That's a big goal! =O Or is it? Property always seems way above my head. 8. AWW! I love cats. Get a tabby! 9. Wow. I was shocked to see this here, I've been trying to do this for years! I really liked reading this post this post 'Negative People & Criticism' on the That's Zoe blog. Maybe it'll help =] 10. That's a nice one to end on.

    Sorry for the long comment! I like posts like this. It's interesting to see what motivates other people, and also it makes me think about whether I'm doing enough to improve myself. Great post!

    1. thanks for this gorgeous - you really took the time to think this one through which I love! I love the way you think - a gray tabby would be the best! x