Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Recap

So much has happened over the last year and I kind of wanted to put pen to paper so I can look back and appreciate all the things that I've done / accomplished in the year.

1. Stereosonic - my first time ever and in Sydney, enjoyed such great weather and some really good music.

2. City 2 Surf - the second time around, 14 km in 96 minutes, which is pretty decent effort in comparison to my 114 minutes the previous year.

3. JP Morgan run - for the first time with my company. Ran by myself but really great fun and wonderful views in the park.

4. My cousin's wedding - being a proper bridesmaid for the first time in Jakarta, doled out a speech which I thought was not bad.

5. Nick's Graduation - proud. What more can I say?

1. My friend from my Indonesian primary school came to visit me and we enjoyed a catch up together followed by Max Brenner.

2. Yvonne, one of my bestest Myer friends also came to visit, took her and boyfie out to Mad Pizza and Gelato. :)

3. Let's not forget bestie bestest Shirley and Alan who I would love to see more often but had the privilege of seeing quite a few times this year.

1. Partners dinner - smashed some bowling (which I'm still terrible at, but improving slightly) and then some steak at Hurricane's with work peeps and boyfie.

2. Mornington Peninsula - horseriding and wine drinking and big big bonfires.

3. Boss' 50th lunch - such an awesome day that it had to be mentioned. Good food and good banter.

1. Melbourne - with Nick, also his idea which is crazy spontaneous and not like him at all. Enjoyed some really great eats.

2. Hong Kong - post cousin's wedding, good times there. Ocean Park was a highlight. The amount of walking we did plus muggy weather made me slightly want to shoot myself.

3. Back to Perth for Christmas - definitely enjoyed myself, 40 degree heat all week long meant swimming and beaching with my bestest friends.

So all in all a really good year, I'm looking forward to 2013 being just as memorable if not even better. I hope you all have resolutions made. I'm still mulling it over. :)


  1. Visiting you in Sydney was definitely one of my highlights of 2012!

    2013 is going to be an awesome year :)))