Monday, January 7, 2013


It's now the 7th of January and it's been a week since the new year started and I've only started thinking about realistic new year's resolutions.

First a recap of last year's resolutions and how I fared I suppose.

For 2012 my new year's resolutions will be.

1. Go to the gym at least twice a week
This did not happen - especially in the last part of the year...
2. Save 10Gs
Also did not happen - not sure why haha.
3. Try more new places in Sydney
Yeah there were new places that cropped up - Mr Wongs, Palmer & Co, Otto, some really fun ones for sure.
4. Continue with buying quality not quantity
Well Forever 21 wasn't my go to last year which I'm surprised about. I think the theme of last year was more online shopping and more high street like Topshop and Zara, which I'm not really sure if it's good quality enough? Shed some light anyone?
5. Use up my lipbalms
Haha, I laugh. Definitely not. In fact there may even be more than before.
6. Make more new friends
New work friends now that I have been at this company for a year. Yay.
7. See my family more often
Actually got to see them for Christmas so I was plenty happy about that as I normally never take Christmas off.
8. Get all my Temple Run and Tiny Tower objectives!
Lolz, just when I thought I was close, they did an update with a ton more objectives. Then I abandoned the game. Aw. :(

This year I want to:

1. Take a holiday with my friends. Which if everything works out to plan is gonna be an awesome one in Thailand later this year.

2. Get a small tattoo. We're talking minuscule here, nothing to go crazy about.

3. Finish at least one bottle of perfume in my cabinet. Like seriously I'm running out of space.

4. Beat my own time at JP Morgan this year, as most likely I will still be away for City 2 Surf this year.

5. Do well at work and be happy in life.

6. Collect moments not things.

I guess the theme this year is to be realistic, there are no resolutions that I can't do, and nothing too crazy like gymming all the time, I'll still go but only when I feel like it. I don't want to say stuff like eat healthy because I'm already doing that. All I have for lunches these days are salads and sugary things have been cut right back.

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